• Foxhill smoke flavoured goudaThis semi-hard cheese is quite mild in flavour when it is young, but acquires a slight sharpness as it ages. Foxhill gouda melts wonderfully and is a perfect choice for lunch or as a snack with fruit, crackers or bread. Also available: medium, aged, cumin, caraway, peppercorn, jalapeno, garlic chives, herb garlic.
  • Foxhill dill and chives havartiMild and creamy are two words that describe Foxhill havarti. Typically a sandwich cheese, it can be consumed with tomatoes and pickles. Fenugreek havarti, which has a unique maple-nutty flavour, is simply a delicious dessert cheese served with local ice wine, fruit and dark chocolate. Also try our plain and Italian herb spice.
  • Foxhill cranberry cheddarThis Canadian favorite has many attributes. As Foxhill cheddar ages, it develops a lingering slight sharpness on the palate. Wonderful to use in soups and casseroles, it's a white cheese without the dyes of "orange" cheddar. Available as Medium, Cranberry, or Aged (limited availability).
  • Foxhill quark cheeseThis fresh German cheese is relatively new to the Canadian cheese connoisseur. Used by many Europeans in cheesecakes and other desserts instead of cream cheese, Foxhill quark has a fresh tangy taste. It's delectable on a bagel for breakfast with your favourite fruit or jam, or substitute it for ricotta or cottage cheese in lasagna. Lower in fat than traditional cream cheese and salt-free in the natural variety, it's so versatile! Available as Plain, Curry Dip, Garlic Dip, Dill Dip, and Cranberry dip (seasonal).
  • Foxhill cheese curdsThe original Quebec poutine cheese! Warm out of the vat on Thursday afternoons, Foxhill fresh curds squeak, the sure sign of freshness! Don't limit your fresh curds to poutine; use them on pizza, in salad or top up your next soup.
  • Foxhill ParmesRanNo there is no spelling error! The parmesan-style cheese is unique to Foxhill Cheese House and has a little more moisture than the regular parmesan. Grates beautifully on salad and Italian pasta dishes!
  • Imported cheeseFoxhill Cheese rounds out its cheese selection with a savoury selection of imported cheeses to please your palate. While many cheeses are from far away countries some, like RanCher Acres goat cheese, is made locally. Try some brie, blues, Swiss, English or, closer to home, Quebec cheeses. They're all part of the Foxhill cheese experience!

Foxhill Cheese

Foxhill products are truly unique to Fox Hill Cheese House. The strict use of only milk from our own herd of 50 Holstein and Jersey cows defines the quality and freshness of the milk used in processing specialty Foxhill products. A small herd allows us to pay strict attention to the quality forage fed to our cows and to the production of clean, pure milk that is drug and hormone-free.

“Le Gout du Terroir (French for “A Taste of the Land”), is truly applicable when talking about Foxhill products. The salty marsh of the Wellington Dyke as well as the rich land surrounding Fox Hill Farm where the majority of our forage is grown, results in a uniquely flavoured feed for our cows. The resulting flavour and composition are apparent in our array of high quality cheeses, yogurt, gelato and non-homogenized milk. Sample them and taste the difference!

Click here to view/download the latest list of places you can find our delicious Foxhill products (PDF).

Fox Hill Cheese House non-homogenized milk and chocolate milk

Foxhill Fresh, Non-Homogenized Milk

Pasteurized, non-homogenized Foxhill milk in glass returnable bottles, is first of its kind in the Atlantic provinces. Bottles and milk are sold separately, but if you return the bottles to us clean, not chipped or broken, you only pay for the milk. Both our whole milk and chocolate milk are 4% milk fat. A pure joy to drink!

Click the button for our bottled milk policies and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

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Fox Hill Cheese House gelato

Foxhill Gelato

Foxhill gelato is an Italian style ice cream made using our own Foxhill milk. With the expertise of Donna Dominano, an Italian gelato maker, we've developed our own base to create a smooth delicious gelato product, a low fat ice cream product containing 7% milk fat.

At present, we rotate over 25 flavours of gelato at both our Port Williams location and the Fox Hill Cheese Market & Deli, 2760 Robie St., Halifax. Foxhill gelato is available in scoops, cups, or waffle cones, or in 473 ml take home containers.

Treat yourself to a sweet taste of Italy right here in Nova Scotia!



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Fox Hill Cheese House yogurt

Foxhill Natural Yogurt

Foxhill yogurt, available in plain and vanilla, is a full-fat (3% MF) yogurt made with four active cultures. It contains no modified cornstarch or gelatin and will keep up to 30 days (from the packaging date) in your refrigerator.

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